What is CD, CD-R, and CD-RW?

All CD-type storage systems use slight changes in the light reflected from the pits and lands on the surface of the disc to store the information. Some of them are just capable of reading and are called CD-ROM (read only memory), others can write (burn) on the disc (CD-R) or even write and rewrite data, like CD-RW. All of them are capable of storing up to 650 MB of data per disc. For more information, go to Chapter 4.

Who are the Main Manufacturers of CD Drives?

There are plenty— Plextor, Mitsumi, MicroSolutions, Hi-Val, Sony, HP, Panasonic, AOpen, Kenwood, ASUS, and more.

What Type of CD Storage Should I Buy?

CD-ROM drives are very inexpensive nowadays (some are less than $40) and are a must-have ...

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