Essential iOS Build and Release

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Frustrated by the requirements for testing and distributing your iOS app? You’re not alone. This concise book takes you step by step through the maze of certification and provisioning processes that have to happen before, during, and after development. You’ll learn what’s required to sign certificates, test your app on iOS devices, and release the finished product to the App Store.

Whether you’re a developer looking to spend more time coding and less time figuring out how to install your application, or a release engineer responsible for producing reliable builds, this guide will help you successfully navigate the build and release processes for your iOS app.

  • Get an overview of the iOS Dev Center, including the iOS Provisioning Portal, Member Center, and iTunes Connect
  • Create your App ID, and generate signing certificates for development and distribution
  • Manage the provisioning profiles necessary to test your app on iOS devices
  • Learn common scenarios for iOS Simulator, Ad Hoc, and App Store distribution builds
  • Automate the process to continuously build, sign, and package your app(s) for distribution

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Table of contents

  1. Dedication
  2. Preface
    1. What’s Needed
    2. Contents of This Book
    3. Conventions Used in This Book
    4. Using Code Examples
    5. Safari® Books Online
    6. How to Contact Us
    7. Content Updates
      1. January 25, 2013
    8. Acknowledgments
  3. 1. Introduction to iOS Build and Release
    1. The iOS Dev Center
    2. Xcode
    3. Device Provisioning Using Xcode Organizer
    4. Adding the Apple WWDR Certificate
  4. 2. App IDs, Keys, and Certificates
    1. App IDs
      1. Creating an App ID
    2. Development and Distribution Certificates
    3. Development Certificate Setup
      1. Creating a Development Certificate Signing Request File
      2. Generating a Development Certificate
      3. Verifying the Development Certificate
      4. Identifying Your Development Keys
    4. Distribution Certificate Setup
      1. Creating a Distribution Certificate Signing Request File
      2. Generating a Distribution Certificate
      3. Verifying the Distribution Certificate
      4. Identifying Your Distribution Keys
      5. Exporting Your Distribution Certificate
      6. Importing Your Distribution Certificate
    5. Certificate Renewal
  5. 3. iOS Devices and Provisioning Profiles
    1. iOS Device Provisioning
    2. Using iOS Devices for Testing
      1. Obtaining the UDID from Xcode Organizer
      2. Obtaining the UDID from iPhone Configuration Utility
      3. Obtaining the UDID from iTunes
      4. Registering an iOS Device on the iOS Provisioning Portal
      5. Performing a Bulk Upload of Devices Using iPhone Configuration Utility
      6. Removing an iOS Device from the iOS Provisioning Portal
    3. Development and Distribution Provisioning Profiles
      1. Development Provisioning Profile Setup
      2. Ad Hoc Distribution Provisioning Profile Setup
      3. App Store Distribution Provisioning Profile Setup
      4. Installing Provisioning Profiles onto iOS Devices
        1. Using Xcode Organizer to install a Provisioning Profile
        2. Using iPhone Configuration Utility to install a Provisioning Profile
        3. Verifying Provisioning Profiles on an iOS Device
      5. Removing Provisioning Profiles from an iOS Device
    4. Transferring Your Developer Profile to Another Computer
  6. 4. Additional Services
    1. Apple Push Notification Service
      1. Enabling an App ID for APNS
      2. Verifying APNS Certificates
      3. Exporting APNS Certificates
    2. iCloud
      1. Enabling an App ID for iCloud
      2. Configuring an Xcode Target for iCloud
    3. Passes
      1. Enabling an App ID for Passes
      2. Verifying an Xcode Target is setup for Passes
    4. Data Protection
      1. Enabling an App ID for Data Protection
    5. Enabling Entitlements for an Xcode Target
    6. Modifying Provisioning Profiles for Additional Services
  7. 5. Build and Release
    1. Xcode Build Settings
      1. Understanding Xcode Settings
      2. App ID Setup
        1. Setting the Bundle ID
        2. Verifying the Bundle ID
      3. Setting the Base SDK
      4. Setting the Deployment Target
      5. Targeting Specific Hardware Architectures
      6. Build Configurations
    2. Icons and Launch Images
      1. iPad icons and images
      2. iPhone/iPod touch icons and images
      3. Icons and images for Universal Apps
    3. Build Scenarios
      1. Using the iOS Simulator
        1. iOS Simulator Build
      2. Building and Deploying to an iOS Device Using Xcode
        1. Device Setup
        2. Certificate and Provisioning Profile Setup
        3. Xcode Build Settings
        4. Development Build
      3. Building for Ad Hoc Distribution
        1. Device Setup
        2. Certificate and Provisioning Profile Setup
        3. Xcode Build Settings
        4. Building for Ad Hoc Distribution
        5. Packaging for Ad Hoc Distribution
    4. Ad Hoc Build Distribution
      1. Installing an Ad Hoc Build Using iTunes
      2. Installing an Ad Hoc Build Using iPhone Configuration Utility
      3. Ad Hoc Distribution Using an Internal Website
        1. Web Server Configuration
        2. Network Configuration
        3. Building for Wireless Distribution
        4. Stage files on web server
    5. App Store Build Distribution
      1. Setting Up an App Record on iTunes Connect
      2. App Store Distribution Using Xcode
      3. App Store Distribution Using Application Loader
      4. The Approval Process
      5. Updating an App on iTunes Connect
  8. 6. Build Automation
    1. The Build Environment
    2. Beta Xcode and iOS
    3. Build Automation Scenarios
      1. Building for App Store Distribution with xcodebuild
      2. Using Deferred Code Signing
      3. Building for Ad Hoc Distribution with xcodebuild
  9. 7. Passes
    1. Pass Type IDs
      1. Creating a Pass Type ID
    2. Pass Type Certificate Setup
      1. Creating a Pass Type Certificate Signing Request File
      2. Verifying Pass Type Certificates
      3. Exporting Your Pass Type Certificate
    3. Building and Signing Passes in Development
      1. Building signpass
      2. Signing a Pass
  10. About the Author
  11. Colophon
  12. Copyright

Product information

  • Title: Essential iOS Build and Release
  • Author(s): Ron Roche
  • Release date: December 2011
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781449313944