Essential JavaFX™

Book description

A complete introduction for beginners to Sun's powerful JavaFX scripting language

JavaFX is a scripting language which provides built-in properties for manipulating objects within a 2D coordinate system. A competing technology to Microsoft's Silverlight, JavaFX provides the tools to fill and pen stroke colors, and create special effects, shapes and lines. It also manipulates images and play videos and sound and defines animations that affect objects over time. This complete introduction for any level doesn't bury you with details. It starts quickly with an introduction to the power of JavaFX key features--scene node graphs, nodes as components, the coordinate system, layout options, colors and gradients, custom classes with inheritance, animation, binding, and event handlers. It then shows step-by-step how these features could be used in a real JavaFX application and will help an application look professionally designed. Commissioned by JavaFX product team and reviewed by renowned Java author, Brian Goetz, this guide is intended as the first and most accessible book for people new to JavaFX.

  • The Andersons are working directly with the JavaFX team at Sun for a complete and authoritative guide

  • Gets you started on building rich Web apps quickly without having to sort through unnecessary details or search the Web for answers

  • Focuses on most useful features and shows how to build apps that tap the full potential of JavaFX

  • Product information

    • Title: Essential JavaFX™
    • Author(s): Gail Anderson, Paul Anderson
    • Release date: June 2009
    • Publisher(s): Pearson
    • ISBN: 9780137044559