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Essential JavaScript™ for Web Professionals, Second Edition

Book Description

  • Build better Web sites with JavaScript—right now!

  • Fully updated for the latest JavaScript standards and browser support

  • Learn from real-world examples and two live practice Web sites

  • Browser detection, dynamic content, CSS, rollovers, logins, navigation, debugging, and more!

  • By award-winning Web developer Dan Barrett, whose clients have included Hewlett-Packard, Electronic Arts, and Pacific Bell.

    Don't waste your time or money on a gigantic JavaScript book! Learn the techniques you'll really use—right now, hands on, by example, from one of the world's top Web developers. You'll master JavaScript by building actual practice sites that sell products, educate visitors, offer subscriptions, display ads—even enforce security. Best of all, the finished sites are on the Web—so you can reuse the code, and see exactly how your pages should look and work Fully updated for the latest standards and browsers, Essential JavaScript for Web Professionals, Second Edition is simply the fastest way to gain the JavaScript skills you need most.

    You'll master all this and much more:

  • Detecting browsers and platforms

  • Creating dynamic content

  • Making the most of CSS and layers

  • Enforcing logins

  • Creating rollovers

  • Enhancing your site's navigation

  • Adding error handling to your forms

  • Generating and managing windows and frames

  • Debugging your JavaScript code

  • Writing code that's easy to maintain

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  • Table of Contents

    1. Copyright
    2. Prentice Hall PTR Essential Guide Series
    3. Introduction
    4. Acknowledgments
    5. About the Author
    6. Dynamism and Detection
      1. Project I: Browser Detection and Cloaking—Dynamically Generating Platform-Specific Content
      2. Project II: Dynamic Content Creation—Printing Out the Copyright Information and Last-Modified Date
      3. Recap
      4. Advanced Projects
    7. Image Rollovers
      1. Project I: Image Rollover Script
      2. Project II: Multiple Image Rollover Script
      3. Project III: Random Banner Ad Rotator Script
      4. Recap
      5. Advanced Projects
    8. JavaScript for Navigation
      1. Project I: JavaScript and Pull-Down Menus—Getting to Where You Want to Go!
      2. Project II: Using Multiple Pull-Down Menus for Navigation
      3. Project III: Using JavaScript on a Log-in Page
      4. Project IV: Using CSS/DHTML with JavaScript for Navigation
      5. Recap
      6. Advanced Projects
    9. Error Handling in Forms
      1. Project I: Dynamically Selecting Multiple Form Fields
      2. Project II: Error Handling of Forms
      3. Project III: Letting the User Know What's Wrong
      4. Recap
      5. Advanced Projects
    10. JavaScript Windows and Frames
      1. A Look at the WINDOW Object
      2. Project I: Creating, Populating, and Closing Windows with JavaScript
      3. Project II: Using JavaScript to Talk Between Frames
      4. Project III: Making Sure Your Frames Site Shows Up in Frames
      5. Recap
      6. Advanced Projects
    11. Advanced JavaScript
      1. Project I: Interactive Photo Slideshow
      2. Project II: Searchable Designer Database
      3. Recap
      4. Advanced Projects
    12. Event Handlers
      1. onAbort
      2. onBlur
      3. onChange
      4. onClick
      5. onDblClick
      6. onDragDrop
      7. onError
      8. onFocus
      9. onKeyDown
      10. onKeyPress
      11. onKeyUp
      12. onLoad
      13. onMouseDown
      14. onMouseMove
      15. onMouseOut
      16. onMouseOver
      17. onMouseUp
      18. onMove
      19. onReset
      20. OnResize
      21. onSelect
      22. onSubmit
      23. onUnload
    13. JavaScript Objects
      1. Core Objects
      2. Document Objects
      3. Window Objects
      4. Form Objects
      5. Browser Objects