Design Decisions

The business requirements are as follows:

  • MOM 2005 must monitor all Windows servers (about 50) and the Microsoft applications that they run. The volume of data that MOM will have to process can be estimated from this requirement and goes directly into the capacity planning calculations (covered later in the chapter). MOM must also support the monitoring of third-party applications in a reliable fashion.

  • MOM must be available with minimal outages. These are the availability and redundancy requirements .

  • Because MOM 2005 must provide reports that are used in auditing and charge-backs, the data must be secured while going from the agent to the database and then to the presentation layer. This will direct the security and report planning.

  • The remote site staff only wants to see their information and will not tweak MOM.

  • Some agents will be located across firewalls and slow WAN links.

  • Access to MOM information is not required from the Internet.


Based on this information, the first design decision to be made is which version of MOM 2005 to implement. There are two versions : the MOM 2005 edition, which includes all features and scales from the smallest installations to the largest, and the MOM 2005 Workgroup edition.

The Workgroup edition has the same core infrastructure as the full edition, but it only supports up to 10 managed computers (agents). It does not include reporting or connectivity features. MOM 2005 Workgroup edition requires that all components, except for ...

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