Connecting MOM to MOM

The MOM-to-MOM Product Connector is one type of product connector, and it is only used to send discovery and alert data between MOM 2005 management groups. There are other types of product connectors for MOM that allow bidirectional communication between a MOM management group and other management products or trouble ticketing systems. For example, Microsoft ships a MOM to a Tivoli TEC connector, a MOM to an HP OpenView connector, and a MOM to an HP Network Node Manager connector. These connectors are built on the MOM Connector Framework (MCF), which is one of the APIs that is included in the MOM SDK. There are other APIs in the MOM SDK, namely the MOM Managed Code Library (MCL) and the MOM Runtime interface.

The MMPC is a web service and runs as a service on management servers. The executable is momconn.exe . A web service is like a web page that contains a good deal of logic, but it has no interface to browse and can be accessed over a normal protocol (HTTP). It is used for passing data back and forth between applications. To make use of an MMPC, you must create a connector on the management servers in the source management groups. Because all of the configuration and operational information for a connector is stored in the OnePoint database, all of the management servers in the source management group can support the MMPC. This means that if the source management server that is hosting the MMPC fails, the MMPC function will failover to another source ...

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