Chapter 1. Introduction

On June 21, 2000, I was employed as Executive Vice President at Genomica, a bioinformatics company in Boulder, Colorado. I remember the date because my son Asher was born at one o’clock that morning.

His birth was a good start to the day. Asher was actually born on his predicted due date (in the United States this happens about 5% of the time). So we (really my wife, Jenine) had finished our nine-month “project” on schedule. And to top things off, Asher had a very high Apgar score, indicating that we had produced a healthy, good-quality result! Our biggest stakeholder, our older son, Jonah, was thrilled to have a younger brother. On time, high quality, and delighted stakeholders—it truly was a good day!

After a brief nap, ...

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