Chapter 4: Bivariate Data: Scatterplots, Correlation, and Regression

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Scatter Plots, the Correlation Coefficient, and Simple Linear Regression

4.2.1 The Scatter Plot

4.2.2 The Correlation Coefficient

4.2.3 Simple Linear Regression

4.2.4 A Further Example of Linear Regression

4.2.5 Checking Model Assumptions: The Use of Residuals

4.3 Adjusting the Scatter Plot To Show Patterns in the Data

4.3.1 Plotting the Birthrate Data: The Aspect Ratio of a Scatter Plot

4.4 Exercises

4.1 Introduction

When two observations or measurements are made on each member of a sample, we have what is generally termed bivariate data. In this chapter, we show how to construct informative graphical displays of such data and how to quantify the relationship ...

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