Appendix ARoutine Compliance Activities

This appendix contains details of some of the routine activities most commonly undertaken by the Compliance Officer. It is important to remember that the guidance provided on each area provides summary guidance only and you should tailor the procedures and controls within your own firm to the specific requirements of your business activities and customer base.

Compliance culture, ethics and integrity 132
Maintenance of compliance manual 134
Maintenance of compliance policies and procedures 135
Regulatory training 136
Undertaking and supervising remedial action plans 138
Internal relations 139
Annual Compliance Plan 139
Maintenance of Compliance department charter 140
Annual compliance attestation 140
Supervising other entities within the group 141
Maintenance of compliance and regulatory risks register 142
Sample risks register – Research department 143
Advisory and project work 145
Management of relationship with regulators, clearing houses, exchanges, etc. 146
Regulatory visits 147
Regulatory service providers 148
Responding to consultation papers and industry developments 149
Rules-mapping and reviewing new legislative and regulatory developments to assess relevance 150
Periodic regulatory reporting to the FCA and PRA 150
Ad hoc reporting to the FCA and PRA 151
Payment of fees to the FCA and PRA 152
Membership of professional bodies 152
Keeping up to date 153
Disciplinary ...

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