System Hardening Checklist

The following checklist summarizes the major activities that are required in order to “harden” a Unix system.

Preliminary planning

  • Understand the functions that the system will be used to perform. Determine the software that will be needed.
  • Plan the partition/filesystem layout with security in mind.
  • Plan the system’s user account and group structure.
  • Gather all required software:

    — Operating system installation media

    — Patches to the operating system since media release

    — Additional software packages (including any patches)

  • Document the hardening process as you go.

Physical system security

  • Select a location that minimizes risk from accidental damage (e.g., no overhead sprinklers).
  • If appropriate, secure the physical system location with locks and other security devices.
  • Secure the cabling to network and other devices.
  • Install an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).
  • Assign a BIOS/RAM/EEPROM password (this prevents unauthorized users from modifying settings).
  • Attach any equipment identification tags/stickers to the computer and components (if applicable).

Operating system installation

  • Set up disk partitioning (or logical volumes), taking into account any security considerations.
  • After the initial operating system installation, apply any operating system patches that have been released since the installation media was created.
  • When available, enable the high security/trusted operating system version.
  • Build a custom kernel that supports only ...

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