Chapter 9
3D Graphics3D Graphics
3D graphics are at the forefront of the video game industry today.
They are a huge leap above 2D game graphics, as they are much
more mathematically intensive and often require a great deal of
assets. 3D games require a huge commitment, knowledge,
resources, and time to create the experiences that have become
standard in the industry.
In this chapter we will review different topics important to 3D
graphics, and discuss how they are created and how they are used in
the XNA Framework. These topics include specifying and loading
geometric information, working with a 3D virtual camera, and sim-
ple animation techniques. Also in this chapter we will begin the 3D
game project that will be developed over the remainder of this book.
A primitive is a basic geometric shape that is used to compose more
complex objects and models. In video games the most commonly
used primitive is the triangle, although there are other primitives
that are common to graphical tools such as OpenGL and Direct3D
(which XNA is based on). These primitives include some of the

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