folders to, many of which are initially created when you connect to
the XNA project. XNA would only need to be aware of the exported
geometry that is processed by the content pipeline. The remaining
files and folders created by XSI in the process are used by the XSI
project, not XNA.
If you are looking to create your own models, animations, levels,
etc., and would like a free tool that you can practice and learn with,
it is highly recommended that you check out the XSI Mod Tool.
Loading and Rendering Models
Loading and rendering 3D models was discussed briefly in Chapter
7 while discussing the BasicEffect class provided by XNA. 3D
geometry can be loaded natively by XNA by using the .x or .fbx file
formats. Loading can be done by calling the Load() function of the
content pipeline like so:
protected override void LoadContent()
302 Chapter 9
Figure 9-6: Specifying the path within XSI.

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