e. Select Game Ratings.
f. Select Allow All Games.
g. Scroll down to Done and press A.
h. Press B until you get back to the System blade and repeat
the process, starting with Step 2.
Note: Once you’ve downloaded the XNA Game Launcher and
joined the Creators Club, you can reset the Game Ratings
option to whatever you desire.
6. Select XNA Game Launcher and press A.
7. Select Confirm Download and press A.
8. Once the download has completed, select Continue and press
A. This should return you to the XNA Creators Club menu.
9. Select Memberships from the menu and press A.
10. A list of membership options for the Creators Club should be
displayed. Select the option you wish and press A.
11. Confirm your payment option.
12. A check mark should be displayed next to the option you
selected, indicating that you’re now a Creators Club member.
Setting Up Your PC and Xbox 360 for XNA Games
We’re going to assume that at this point you’ve got Game Studio
installed. If you’ve made it this far into the book without it, either
you skipped ahead or you’re just simply reading. In either case,
you’ll need to go back to Chapter 1 before going any further.
You’ll probably want to have your PC and Xbox 360 in the same
room for the next series of steps.
1. Sign in to Xbox Live.
Turn on your Xbox 360 and make sure you’re signed in to Xbox
Live. When you’re doing anything XNA related on the 360, you
must remain signed in to Xbox Live.
Game Distribution, the Creators Club, and the Xbox 360 425
2. Download XNA Game Studio Connect.
Bring up the Marketplace blade, select Game Store | More…
| Genres | Other. Scroll until you find XNA Game Studio Con
nect and download it.
3. Connect your Xbox 360 and PC.
Your PC and Xbox 360 must be on the same subnet. If you have
a home network set up, more than likely this is already the
case. If not, you’ll have to have this in place before continuing.
You’ll now need to generate a connection key so that the Xbox 360
and PC can find each other. To get a connection key, perform the fol
lowing steps:
1. Select the Games blade on the Xbox 360.
2. Select Games Library and press the A button.
3. From the list that’s displayed, select My Games and press the
A button.
4. Select XNA Game Studio Connect and press the A button.
5. Select Launch and press the A button.
This should display the XNA Game Studio Connect screen:
426 Chapter 12
Figure 12-1
You should see the 25-character connection key near the bottom of
the screen (shown blacked out in Figure 12-1). If not, press the X
button to generate a new one. If a key still does not show up, it’s
possible that the Xbox 360 already has a key for your PC. Pressing
the Y button should reset all the connections and generate a key.
Either leave this screen displayed on the Xbox 360 or write the
key down, as you’ll now need to enter it on your PC to tell Game
Studio to connect to the Xbox 360. To do this, perform the following
1. Click the Start button, then click All Programs.
2. Click the Microsoft XNA Game Studio 2.0 item.
3. Click the XNA Game Studio Device Center item.
This should display the following window:
4. Click the Add Device button.
5. Enter a name for your Xbox 360. This is just to allow XNA
Game Studio to identify your Xbox 360. It doesn’t need to
match any other computer or your Xbox 360.
6. Click Next.
7. On the Xbox 360 display, enter the connection key you obtained
Game Distribution, the Creators Club, and the Xbox 360 427
Figure 12-2

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