1.   1. Why do RISC machines operate on registers?

  2.      2. Which characteristics of RISC systems could be directly implemented in CISC systems? Which characteristics of RISC machines could not be implemented in CISC machines (based on the defining characteristics of both architectures as listed in Table 9.1)?

  3.   3. What does the “reduced” in reduced instruction set computer really mean?

  4.      4. Suppose a RISC machine uses overlapping register windows with:

    • 10 global registers

    • 6 input parameter registers

    • 10 local registers

    • 6 output parameter registers

      How large is each overlapping register window?

  5.   5. A RISC processor has 8 global registers and 10 register windows. Each window has 4 input registers, 8 local registers, ...

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