Economic Challenges Facing Contemporary Business

Learning Objectives

image Discuss microeconomics and explain the forces of demand and supply.

image Describe macroeconomics and the issues for the entire economy.

image Identify how to evaluate economic performance.

image Discuss government's attempts to manage economic performance.

Kids Come Home to Roost

In the new economic reality facing U.S. workers, many parents can't afford to retire because they're unexpectedly stretching resources to support grown children forced to return home because of a lack of employment opportunities. But ironically, by staying in the workforce, these parents may be filling the jobs younger workers need.

Employment rates for young U.S. adults are so low that a record 6 million people between ages 25 and 34 now live with their parents. The National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) reports nearly 6 in 10 parents give financial assistance to grown non-student children. (AARP puts this figure at 7 in 10.) Fully 26 percent ...

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