Gene Mutation And DNA Repair

  • Introduction
  • Types of DNA damages
    • Endogenous DNA damages
    • Exogenous DNA damages
    • DNA damages and mutations
  • Mutations and Types
    • Classification of mutationsf


  • Physical and Chemical Mutagens
    • Chemical mutagens
    • Physical mutagens
    • Biological agents of mutation
    • Test for mutagenicity
  • Chromosomal Aberrations
    • Chromosomal numerical changes
    • Polyploidy
  • Repair of DNA
    • Direct repair systems
    • Excision repair systems
    • Base excision repair
    • Nucleotide excision repair
    • Mismatch repair
    • Recombination repair
    • SOS Repair/Error-Prone repair
  • Oncogenes
  • Summary
  • References

Inside a cell, there is a complex interplay of molecular events of which DNA repair occupies a significant importance. If proteins ...

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