Final ExaminationAnswers to all these questions are found in the Student Resource Manual.

Try to answer the following questions without referring back to the text.

In Problems 1–14, fill in the blank.

1. Completing the square in x for 2x2 + 6x + 5 gives______.

2. In the binomial expansion of (1 − 2x)3 the coefficient of x2 is______.

3. In interval notation, the solution set of is______.

4. If a − 3 is a negative number, then | a − 3 | = ______.

5. If | 5x | = 80, then x = ______.

6. If (a, b) is a point in the third quadrant, then (− a, b) is a point in the______ quadrant.

7. The point (1, 7) is on a graph in the Cartesian plane. Give the coordinates ...

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