Chapter 11

Deploying and Maintaining Ethereum Apps


Bullet Anticipating differences between test and live blockchains

Bullet Preparing an app for live blockchain deployment

Bullet Deploying to a live blockchain

Bullet Maintaining a blockchain app

In Chapter 10 you find out how to test your dApp. You learn how to deploy your smart contracts to a test blockchain and then interact with them. You see how smart contracts respond to different types of data and how to call smart contract functions. Your tests are an important part of the software development lifecycle. You should test your smart contracts thoroughly before you allow them to be deployed to a production environment.

After you complete thorough testing, you’re ready to make the transition to production. It’s time to deploy your code to a live blockchain, called mainnet. Your live environment may be the main live Ethereum blockchain, another public Ethereum blockchain, or perhaps your own organization’s private blockchain. Each blockchain has its own characteristics and provides a different operating ecosystem. You must understand the ...

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