Appendix A. Resources

The following resources may be consulted for further information. Resources are listed here as examples only, and no endorsement is implied of any particular company or software package. Many of the items listed here are online references available on the World Wide Web.

AUI Slide Latch Retainer

The 15-pin AUI slide latch retainer mentioned in Appendix C, is a small plastic locking device that can help keep an AUI connector slide latch in place.

  • AUI slide latch retainers are available as a product called ET-Lock, provided by the A ‘n D Cable Products company. They are available from the manufacturer at

Buyer’s Guides

When it comes to finding Ethernet products, a useful source of information is the buyer’s guide. Several of the major computer magazines and networking trade journals listed below publish short buyer’s guides based on a specific product that they are evaluating. Annual buyer’s guides are also published by several networking magazines, which list hundreds of vendors and thousands of products. The following are a few of the magazines which publish buyer’s guides:

Data Communications

Publishes an annual networking directory ( ).

Network Magazine

Publishes a magazine dedicated to networking ( ).

PC Magazine

Publishes equipment review articles and buyer’s guides ( ).

The Silicon Valley Networking Lab

Provides access to some of their test reports ...

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