Chapter 13. Multi-Segment Configuration Guidelines

The individual media chapters you’ve just read covered the basic configuration guidelines for a single segment media system. However, when it comes to building a more complex half-duplex Ethernet system based on repeater hubs, you need to know what the multi-segment guidelines have to say.

The official configuration guidelines provide two approaches for verifying the configuration of a half-duplex shared Ethernet channel: Transmission System Model 1 and Transmission System Model 2. Model 1 provides a set of “canned” configuration rules. As long as your half-duplex network system meets these basic rules, it will function correctly in terms of the essential timing specifications. Model 2 provides a set of calculation aids that make it possible for you to evaluate more complex network topologies that aren’t covered under the Model 1 configuration rules.[1]

This chapter describes the rules for combining multiple segments with repeater hubs to build complex half-duplex Ethernet systems operating at 10-, 100- and 1000-Mbps. We begin by looking at the scope of the configuration guidelines. To help make it clear how the guidelines apply to a single Ethernet system, we then need to describe the function of a collision domain. Following that, we describe the Model 1 and Model 2 rules as they apply to each Ethernet system.

Scope of the Configuration Guidelines

The configuration guidelines apply to the Ethernet equipment described in the IEEE ...

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