European Founders at Work

Book description

In European Founders at Work, several of the top European startup founders are interviewed to explain their respective paths to building a successful company. It builds on the same format as the original Founders at Work, but showcases the differences between building a successful company in Europe versus the U.S.

All interviews are presented in a way that will help readers understand whether the founders had a local or a global view, how they competed on the global scale, if and how they got funding and their main challenges and opportunities. The companies chosen to be interviewed are a mix of unique worldwide ventures: European-only ventures and even a few copycats of already-proven concepts. As such, it provides a balanced view on the European scene. This mix also includes companies that started in Europe and moved to the U.S., companies who went IPO in their country of origin, companies with European venture capital backing, and companies that bootstrapped their way to success.

Foreword by Saul Klein, Founder of LOVEFiLM and The Accelerator Group.

What you'll learn

  • Used in isolation, readers learn how to succeed in building an European-based venture

  • Readers will gain an understanding of European entrepreneurs' world views

  • Used in conjunction with the original Founders at Work, it will show the main differences in mentality, difficulties and opportunities between the U.S. and Europe

Who this book is for

  • Startup enthusiasts, from potential founders to experienced entrepreneurs and investors

  • People interested in the thoughts of leaders who have succeeded in creating successful companies and how they did it

  • Managers who might be interested in opening European markets or expanding their company in these markets

Product information

  • Title: European Founders at Work
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: January 2012
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781430239062