Chapter 11

Gas Security of Supply in the European Union

Marie-Claire Aoun1, Damir Pešut2, Marko Matosović2, Robert Bošnjak2, Paul Deane3, James Glynn3, Brian Ó. Gallachóir3, Stanislaw Nagy4, Thierry Badouard5, Nathalie Desbrosses5, Constantinos Taliotis6, Maïté de Boncourt1 and Kimon Keramidas5,    1Institut Français des Relations Internationales (IFRI), Paris, France,    2Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar (EIHP), Zagreb, Croatia,    3University College Cork, Cork, Ireland,    4AGH University, Kraków, Poland,    5Enerdata, Grenoble, France,    6KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden


The EU remains widely dependent on external gas supplies, with imports representing 70% of its consumption in 2013. Member States have different ...

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