244 Event Management and Best Practices
Figure 6-18 Event details for WebSphere MQ causing event
6.3.3 IBM Tivoli Monitoring correlation
IBM Tivoli Monitoring performs correlation within resource models. Many of the
Windows resource models include automatic correlation by default. If you want to
perform more extensive correlation, you must edit the definition of a resource
model or create a new resource model via the Resource Model Builder.
It is never a good idea to modify the definition of an existing resource model.
Instead, copy the definition of a source resource model into a new resource
model and perform your customizations there. This prevents corruption of
existing resource models and gives you the ability to back out of a possible
mistake without massive ramifications.
6.4 Notification
Notification is the means by which appropriate personnel are informed about
conditions requiring action. While best practices dictate using the
trouble-ticketing system to notify, sometimes this is not practical. For example,
there may not be a trouble-ticketing system within the event management
hierarchy. Or the organization may be decentralized and use different systems
management tools for different IT resources.

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