Chapter 7. A case study 369
Figure 7-7 Restart Web Server window
IBM Tivoli NetView Web console users with the appropriate roles now have
access to the IBM Tivoli Switch Analyzer report menu items.
The installation of IBM Tivoli Switch Analyzer performs the following tasks:
򐂰 Copies files and binaries to /usr/OV/ITSL2
򐂰 Updates IBM Tivoli Switch Analyzer specific files
򐂰 Imports layer 2 NetView object identifiers (OIDs)
򐂰 Updates system files
򐂰 Installs NetView files
򐂰 Creates itsl2 daemon
򐂰 Adds traps
Before IBM Tivoli Switch Analyzer can recognize a switch, you must define it as a
switch in the Tivoli NetView database. Run the following command:
/usr/OV/bin/ovtopodump –X
This command determines the following information:
򐂰 That the machine the NetView product is installed on is discovered
If this machine is not discovered, the itsl2 daemon does not start.
The node must be managed.
All devices downstream from an unmanaged device are ignored by IBM
Tivoli Switch Analyzer.

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