Appendix A. Suggested NetView configuration 407
Figure A-3 Downloading the Java plug-in
3. Follow the installation instructions for the plug-in. After a successful
installation, the applet starts downloading the required classes and resources
from the NetView server. You can observe the loading of these components in
the browser window. Finally, a Web console identical to the stand-alone
version appears in a Java applet window.
Web console security
Before you launch the Web console, you must create at least one user using the
native NetView EUI using the following steps:
1. Select Administer
Security Administration Web Console Security.
2. The Web Console Security window (Figure A-4) opens. In the left pane, select
Users. Then, from the menu, select Selected
Add. In the right pane, enter
a user name and password. Select a role for the user. For the first available
user, you should choose SuperUser and No scoping restrictions to gain
access to all Web console features.
3. When you are finished, select File
Save to save the new created user.

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