Chapter 5. Overview of IBM Tivoli Switch Analyzer 159
5.2.5 Traps
The Tivoli Switch Analyzer program issues ITSL2 Enterprise traps to notify the
user of the correlated root cause and subsequent update events. These traps are
displayed and handled by NetView.
When a trap is received, NetView issues IBM Tivoli NetView Enterprise layer 2
Status traps if it determines that the status of the device has changed as a result
of this trap. These traps are used to update the status of the device on the
NetView topology map.
There are three traps: Up, Marginal, and Down. You can use the NetView trap
customization utility to define a notification method such as e-mail, pagers, and
so on.
Event browser
Traps can be displayed using native event display and the Web console event
browser. The traps identify the root cause device in the hostname field.
The type of event and the failing ports are identified in the description field. The
Source field for these traps contains the letter V for vendor.
Forwarding traps to the IBM Tivoli Event Console
If the Tivoli NetView program is configured to forward traps to the IBM Tivoli
Event Console, all IBM Tivoli Switch Analyzer traps and the NetView layer 2
Status traps are forwarded as TEC_ITS events by default.
NetView layer 2 Status traps are mapped to TEC_ITS_L2_STATUS events with a
value of Up, Down, or Marginal. IBM Tivoli Switch Analyzer traps are mapped to
TEC_ITS_SA_STATUS events. The status is defined in the sastatus slot. See the
“Synchronization and Correlation with Tivoli NetView” chapter in the IBM Tivoli
Event Console Rule Builder’s Guide, Version 3.9 for more information about the
NetView rules.
Figure 5-9 shows the traps added during the installation of IBM Tivoli Switch
Analyzer. This information is placed into /usr/OV/tmp/itsl2/Install_stdout.log on
UNIX and in \usr\OV\tmp\itsl2\Install_stdout.log on Windows.

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