Chapter 7

Corporate Event Marketing

“Corporate event marketing methods need to be innovative and inventive to keep current with the new realities of the landscape our clients compete in.”

Josh McCall, CEO, Jack Morton Worldwide (Born 1960)

When you have completed this chapter, you will be able to

  • Understand the role of events to corporate internal marketing strategy, such as incentive travel and product programs,
  • Effectively and efficiently utilize events within external corporate and brand marketing strategy,
  • Incorporate public relations in corporate event marketing programs,
  • Exploit the branding potential of events in their role within the event marketing mix of corporate brands, and
  • Integrate cause-related marketing within corporate image building.

Corporations are of such social and economic significance that their utilization of events requires particular focus. Whether as originators or participants in events, corporations, public and private, are intrinsically linked to the production and delivery of a wide variety of event types. Here, we will stress the distinction between the role of events for internal and external marketing strategies. We will examine the changing role of events within the corporate world with respect to the changing paradigms as means of workforce integration, communication, and motivation, as well as the challenges facing incentive travel event marketing. Alternately, corporate events are a growing aspect of corporations' external strategic marketing ...

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