Chapter 4

Working with Notes

In This Chapter

arrow Creating a note from existing files

arrow Storing web content in Evernote

arrow Replacing bookmarks with bookmarklets

In this chapter, you use several methods of creating notes from existing locations, such as the Internet or images. On way to do this is using the Evernote web clipping tool. You also discover how to create bookmarklets, a tool so handy that you may never bookmark another website again.

Dragging and Dropping into Existing Notes

Creating a note from scratch is easy (see Chapter 3), but what if you already have all the information you need in a file? Or what if that file is a graphic? Those situations are where dragging and dropping come in.

If you’ve ever moved files and folders around in the Mac Finder or Windows Explorer, you’re already familiar with how dragging and dropping works.

remember.eps You can use drag and drop all files no matter what their extension. If you’re a premium member, Evernote can show you previews only of the supported extensions where the platform has a viewer built-in, or for PDF files in Windows, where Evernote developed ...

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