Chapter 6

Creating Notes from Other Media

In This Chapter

arrow Working with ink, e-mail, and Twitter notes

arrow Scanning notes into Evernote

arrow Creating notes from mobile and other types of devices

arrow Using the Kindle and Nook to create notes

In this chapter, you explore applications and devices that you may not normally have thought of in connection with Evernote. But if you’ve ever sunk time into trying to locate an e-mail in your Inbox or in your Sent Mail folder, or you have a plethora of faxes, you know just how frustrating keeping track of everything can be. In this chapter, I tell you how to create notes from many programs, apps, and devices.

Exploring Evernote’s Diversity

Information comes in many forms and from many sources. Evernote helps you get it all together. It’s a repository for your useful information — the type of information you will want to refer to again.

One of the reasons Evernote is useful is because it handles diverse media, originating from diverse sources, and not just because it works with a plethora of computer and mobile types. Here are some examples of ways you can ...

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