Part III

Managing Information


In this part . . .

In Part III, you find out how to manage all of the information you want to capture, save, and retrieve. Chapter 7 gets you started by helping you customize your Evernote experience and extend Evernote to mobile devices.

Chapters 8 and 9 cover some of the most important things you’ll do with Evernote: categorizing, finding, securing, and synchronizing information. Chapter 10 explains how you can use Evernote for group projects by sharing notes with others. Chapter 11 expands on the sharing theme by covering how to import and export notes and how to securely encrypt notes so that only certain people can read the contents.

In Chapter 12 you learn how to interface Evernote with other tools you use, such as Twitter, email, and RSS feeds. And, for the times you hit a bump in the road, review Chapter 13 for tips on easy ways to troubleshoot problems.

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