Chapter 7

Customizing Evernote at Home and Away

In This Chapter

arrow Personalizing your desktop

arrow Organizing your notes

arrow Exploring other types of Evernote notes from mobile devices

In this chapter, you discover how to work on Evernote from your desktop and how to get yourself organized. Organization is the whole point of Evernote, of course, so I show you how to move and organize your notes.

You also find out about working from your mobile devices. I tell you about texting, taking snapshots, working with camera rolls, and recording on the different types of mobile devices.

Working with Evernote on Your Desktop

You love working on Evernote wherever you go, but what happens when you hit an area without an Internet connection or your Internet connection is down? Or perhaps you just want to do a few things and don’t want the temptation of checking e-mail or surfing the Net.

In both situations, Evernote has you covered. When you signed up, you downloaded Evernote to your computer, so you can work right from your desktop or laptop even if you don’t have an Internet connection.

technicalstuff.eps Evernote’s approach ...

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