Chapter 8

Categorizing, Finding, Sorting, and Securing Information

In This Chapter

arrow Adding tags to your notes

arrow Organizing a list of notes

arrow Searching your notes

arrow Working with more than one note at a time

arrow Including your notes in Internet searches

arrow Printing a list of a group of notes

With Evernote, you have several ways to get your notebook or notebooks situated for easier searching and storing. In this chapter, I give you the keys that make Evernote the one-stop shop that has made it award-winning software and the external brain for so many. After all, if you aren’t organized with Evernote, what’s the point? In this chapter, you find out everything you need to know to become more organized and start password-protecting your notes.


Evernote offers several fantastic methods for organizing your notes. (See Chapter 7 for a preview of some of these tools.) Tagging is one of those many ...

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