Chapter 9

Synchronizing Notes

In This Chapter

arrow Keeping your information up to date on many platforms

arrow Setting up your synchronizing preferences

arrow Discovering your sync status

One of the nicest things about Evernote is that it lets you save items individually on all supported devices and then access everything you’ve saved on any device. The only requirement is that all your devices be in sync, which usually occurs without your needing to do anything.

In this chapter, you get the inside scoop on Evernote’s synchronization mechanisms, settings, and methods. This chapter contains fewer directions than the other ones in this book. Think of this chapter as an information download so that you can better understand how Evernote works and why you can be confident of its ability to work for you.

Working with Evernote Servers

The core of the Evernote service is a farm of servers that Evernote calls shards. Each shard handles all data and all traffic (web and API) for approximately 100,000 registered Evernote users. Because more than 20 million people use Evernote (at this writing), the math translates into around 200 shards.

Because each user’s data is completely localized to one (virtual) shard ...

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