Chapter 10

Sharing Notes and Notebooks

In This Chapter

arrow Sharing over many platforms and media

arrow Putting an end to sharing

arrow Sending notes to others

arrow Sharing over the Internet

arrow Working with RSS feeds

arrow Indexing your notes

In this chapter, you find out about the many ways of sharing your notes with family, friends, and professionals. Evernote gives you numerous options, from e-mail to social media, for getting your lists, research, and pictures out to a wider audience. Evernote isn’t just about organizing yourself; it’s also about making it easier to share what you know with others.

What kind of application would Evernote be if it didn’t let you share information with the major social networks? No more just talking about that big fish you caught. You can actually take a picture from the lake while the fish is still on the line, record an audio note to go, and post it to any number of places. ...

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