Chapter 13

Troubleshooting Problems

In This Chapter

arrow Dealing with common issues

arrow Taking advantage of Evernote’s many resources for troubleshooting

As with most software, it may take you a while to get used to all of Evernote’s many features. You are bound to encounter unanticipated issues and may need help finding answers quickly. Besides, Evernote is software, and software bugs are common.

The good news is that Evernote has established several areas on its website to assist you with troubleshooting. In this chapter, I offer you solutions to common problems and also let you know where you can find additional help.

Finding Solutions to Common Problems

Although a section on fixing problems could take up a book all on its own, I focus on what I consider to be the top ten issues not covered elsewhere in this book and suggest solutions for them. For more complicated problems, check out the other sections in this chapter.

remember.eps This section is meant to handle generic questions, so I don’t cover issues specific to any one platform or device. Instead, I discuss problems that you may encounter as a newbie or that may recur.

My confirmation code never arrived

After you have signed up, and after you ...

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