Chapter 14

Computers: Windows and Mac

In This Chapter

arrow Pointing out the differences for Window devices

arrow Using new features for PDFs using Windows devices

arrow Taking advantage of extra features for Macs

Fortunately, this chapter got shorter and shorter as work on the book progressed, as Evernote discovered that some device-specific features are generally useful and implemented those features across all platforms. Nearly all Evernote features are available cross-platform. Still, some differences in the experience remain, and this chapter is where I discuss them.

Discovering Windows-Only Features

Evernote supports many devices. Some support, however, is unique to Windows. One such feature is ENScript.exe, a command-line interface. You can use ENScript.exe to create new Evernote commands and applications that look and feel like stand-alone applications. You can kick them off by double-clicking and launching ENScript.exe as you would any other application on your desktop. (Read Chapter 20 for more information about using ENScript.exe.)

Creating a shortcut

tip.eps Create a shortcut to the ENScript.exe ...

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