Part V

Expanding Your Skills


In this part . . .

“Man is Not Alone,” said my teacher, the late philosopher Abraham Joshua Heschel, in his book of the same name, and neither is Evernote.

This part is about bringing Evernote into the rest of your world. You can make Evernote immeasurably more powerful by enhancing it with Trunk applications (third-party programs that interface nicely with Evernote and extend its power), with other people’s notebooks that leverage your own notes, with social media and with interesting hardware that greatly extends your Evernote experience.

Chapter 17 presents some of my favorite Trunk applications, which enable you to do things such as converting voice notes to searchable, taggable text, interface to the Enterprise world of SAP, saving important, memorable items from social media into Evernote, and much more. Chapter 18 is about enhancing Evernote by importing notes from other people’s notebooks, including those from commercial vendors. And Chapter 19 covers information on hardware that can enhance your Evernote experience.

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