Chapter 17

Enhancing Evernote with Third-Party Applications

In This Chapter

arrow Using the Evernote Trunk ecosystem to enhance your experience

arrow Transcribing your voice notes

arrow Using apps to integrate with social media

With nearly 20 million users and growing, Evernote has attracted a host of third-party developers whose products can greatly enrich your Evernote experience. In fact, anyone can create an Evernote add-on or interface their existing software to work well with Evernote.

The Evernote Trunk offers many Evernote add-ons (there’s no actual commerce in the Trunk; you just browse to see what add-ons you can purchase or download elsewhere). There’s not enough space in this book to describe all available Trunk applications. The list is continually expanding, so any compilation would be immediately dated. In this chapter, I highlight the add-ons that I think are the most useful. You may just find one that I omitted to be a personal lifesaver; however, so make sure to browse the Evernote Trunk for finds I may have missed.

Introducing the Evernote Trunk

The Evernote Trunk is a pun. Evernote’s logo sports an elephant — an animal that is reputed to never forget and is famed for its memory ...

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