Chapter 18

Enhancing Evernote with Shared Public Notebooks

In This Chapter

arrow Working with public notebooks

arrow Pinpointing the top notebooks

If you’ve already read Chapter 10, you know that Evernote allows anyone to share any note, either publicly or with specific individuals. One aspect of the sharing process is importing notebooks, which you can do from the Evernote Trunk.

In this chapter, I tell you how to import notebooks. I also provide capsule reviews of the some of the best shared notebooks that I was able to find and give you a feel for what you can do with Evernote.

Because the public notebooks have long names, I have used a URL shortener. Also, in my own public notebook,, I provide clickable links to all notebooks in this chapter.

Adding a Public Notebook

Anyone can make a notebook public, publish the link, and share it with the world.

remember.eps Of course, adding a public notebook to your Evernote account doesn’t affect your monthly upload allowance because your limit is only related to notes you upload to the Evernote servers.

If the publisher declared the notebook “read only” and you link it to your account then notes in the Shared notebook are read-only and ...

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