Chapter 19

Interfacing with Digital Cameras, Scanners, and Smartpens

In This Chapter

arrow Working with digital cameras

arrow Using scanners

arrow Getting the most out of smartpens

Evernote does amazing things for you with a laptop, desktop, or smartphone. Add some specialized hardware, and you can really turbocharge your Evernote experience.

This chapter gives you an inside look at some of the available possibilities for extending the power of Evernote with hardware. Not all supported hardware supported by Evernote is listed in the Evernote Trunk ( under the hardware tab. The Noteworthy Blog ( usually carries announcements of new supported devices that Evernote has seen.

Getting Images to Evernote with the Eye-Fi Camera Interface

The digital cameras in your iPad, smartphone, desktop, or laptop usually take pretty good pictures. After you have pictures, getting them into Evernote is easy (see Chapter 3).

But for really important occasions, pretty good pictures are not enough. For great pictures, you need to use a high-quality digital camera. What do you do to get those photos into Evernote? Making those high-quality images findable anywhere can ...

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