Part VI

Adding Professional Power


In this part . . .

Previous parts discussed using Evernote, and using it right out of its virtual box. This part discusses ways to leverage the power of Evernote by taking advantage of its scripting capabilities and how to take “social” to a new level by participating in or starting an Evernote Meetup.

Read Chapter 20 to find out how you can use scripting to create “mashups” with other applications that let you do things in a few minutes that might take months to program yourself. The chapter covers Mac scripting and Windows scripting, and although the syntax of the two is a little different, the result is the same, as they both are directing the Evernote Application Programming Interface (API) to perform easy-to-learn magic tricks that will amaze and astonish your friends.

Chapter 21 shows you how to meet — in person or through social media — other Evernote users to exchange tips and to enhance your Evernote experience.

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