Chapter 20

Saving Time with Evernote’s Open Scripting

In This Chapter

arrow Scripting in Mac

arrow Scripting in Windows

Open Scripting Architecture (OSA) is an optional way to leverage the power of the applications on your computer to perform new tricks. When you write a script, you’re creating a recipe. The computer is the faithful cook who follows your recipe precisely. The ingredients are the applications on your computer. Create a recipe for a wholesome and tasty bread. Repeat ten times. Produce 10 tasty loaves, all prepared precisely in accordance with your recipe.

In this chapter, I give you a taste of how Evernote works with OSA on the Mac and with Evernote’s proprietary scripting language for the Windows platform. I encourage you to overcome the fear factor and to get your imagination working so that you can create recipes that will make you more productive, and also dazzle and amaze your friends.

Getting the Inside Scoop on Scripting

Scripting is a form of programming that lets you control what happens more precisely than by just selecting menu commands. Scripting is useful because it makes things much easier by giving you much greater control. Even more exciting, after you have a script that does what you want, you can run it over and over (execute it, in technicalese), and with ...

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