Chapter 19. Networking Counts

"Those who network and build social capital perform demonstratively better than those who do not."

Your network is your net worth. Better networking and quality relationships accelerate your personal and professional effectiveness, and expand the scope of your opportunities. The relationship component of your life must become a serious discipline, as each contact counts when you're building your personal bottom line.

Establishing a dynamic system of proven and effective networking habits is often the difference between success and failure; yet it's often overlooked and undervalued by many professionals. Have you ever wondered why some people get bigger promotions, better deals, or more sales—even when they are less qualified or experienced than you? Although you might think such successes hinge on simple luck, in many cases, it's networking skills that make the difference. The most effective professionals create and tap large, diversified networks that are rich in experience and span all organizational boundaries.

Simply stated, networks are people talking to each other, sharing ideas, information, and resources. Networking is a form of communication that creates the linkages between clusters of people. It's an essential life skill, as well as the most basic business-building tool in today's competitive market. When we truly understand the importance of networking, we can start to access the hidden treasure that will help us to succeed in our business, ...

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