Chapter 27. Patience Counts

"Patience is, in a real sense, the guardian of all virtues, in that it clears obstacles from their path."

As we've likely heard many times throughout our lives—patience is a virtue. The ability to endure waiting, delay, or provocation without excessive frustration is an admirable character trait. Patience is a reward. The willingness to overcome temptation, endure adversity, and embrace temporary suffering is rewarded with grace and maturity. Patience is a blessing. The capacity to persevere calmly when faced with difficulties is blessed by increased peace of mind, enlightenment, and love. Patience counts.

Most of us recognize that patience is a key success habit; we're just in no hurry to obtain it. The word patience is derived from the Latin word pati, which means to suffer, to endure, to bear. Already that tells us much about the nature, meaning, and necessity of the virtue of patience.

Patience is one of the moral virtues that falls under the umbrella of fortitude, which strengthens the soul and sincerity of our commitment to sustain and overcome the difficulties and dangers that beset us in our daily lives. It keeps us from giving up when the going is hard. It brings a spirit of strength that is required of every virtue.

Patience is a divine gift that we give ourselves. It helps us to encounter adversity and hardships without losing serenity, or becoming irritated or despondent. It helps us not to be upset or stressed by trivial incidents and events ...

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