Chapter 31. Optimism Counts

"No matter how realistic and rational we are, we have no choice but to focus our attention and attitude."

Optimism is an active, empowering, constructive attitude that creates conditions for success by focusing and acting on possibilities and opportunities. Optimism is the attitude of champions, the fuel of hope, the enemy of despair, and the creator of the future. Developing and strengthening this dynamic life skill is one of the most effective ways of adding to your personal power.

Optimism is a general disposition to expect the best possible outcome or dwell on the most hopeful aspects of a situation. It is a positive and empowering rational attitude toward our individual and collective possibilities. It is the belief that our future will contain desirable outcomes.

Optimism and pessimism affect your entire worldview. Your whole approach to living is either empowered or neutered depending on which style of thinking predominates. The principles of optimism provide keys for unlocking your full potential. An optimist cannot be stopped, spooked, pushed aside, or bullied. An optimist will respond to all obstacles, all attacks and setbacks with calmness, determination, and a creative, problem-solving attitude.

Tenacity is essential when you encounter setbacks on the way to any goal. Optimists learn from the setbacks and then try a different approach. In contrast, pessimists throw in the towel, concoct an excuse, and succumb to depression and apathy. Optimists ...

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