Chapter 32. Health Counts

"Excellent health is not merely physical—it is a condition of the mind and spirit as well."

Mother Nature does not bend her rules; Father Time does not grant pardons. There are no exceptions, no reprieves. You must take care of your body; or the day will come when your body will no longer tolerate your indifference.

Without cause, there is no effect, so there is no sickness without violation of the laws of nature. Nature has a bias toward health and vitality; however, we bring on sickness by continuous violation of the natural laws. The natural laws are relentless. There is no mercy when it comes to blatant violations of these rules for taking care of the body.

Life is precious and ever so short. Choose optimum health; make a commitment to your life. If you wear out this body before its time, where do you go from there? Life is not a defensive struggle of restricted options; it's a game of vitality, imagination, and excitement.

Optimal health—that which gives one the greatest chance for a long, active, vital life—is much more than simply the absence of disease. It means being the very best you can be. It means not being incapacitated or wasting away physically, physiologically, emotionally, or mentally.

Success is not for the weak of body or the weak of mind, as everything that enters the body and mind counts. The way you look and feel tomorrow is a direct reflection of the thoughts and actions you engage in along with the foods you consume today. Carefully ...

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