Chapter 40. Joy Counts

"Joy is a choice. It's not the absence of problems; joy is the attitude that you carry regardless of your problems."

Joy is an aphrodisiac; anyone who has experienced it will crave it again and again. Joy is a choice; it's an emotion that can be found in any circumstance. Joy is a natural state; it's best demonstrated by children. Joy is everywhere; it presents itself in abundance throughout each day. Joy is contagious; it's a gift we give to ourselves and spread to others. Joy is inside of us; it's a spirit we liberate and find spiritually liberating. Those who live in, share, and spread joy possess true wisdom.

An essential part of your journey is the pursuit of happiness. You are accountable for all that you do, as well as for the pleasures that you fail to enjoy during your lifetime. Count the days, weeks, and life experiences lost if you have not been moved to laughter.

Contrary to popular opinion, it's perfectly okay to have fun in everything you do. It's not selfish, insensitive, or self-centered. Wanting life to be joyful is natural, normal, and healthy. Every aspect of life blends better with joy. Joy and laughter can lubricate the most tedious chore and infuse even the most serious of situations with the lightness of love. And the mere thought of joy should bring you back to your core values. One of the earliest lessons we subconsciously learn is that the joy is in the journey. As children, we found joy in playing with our food, learning how to walk, ...

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