Chapter 52. Peace Counts

"Every single moment is an opportunity for peace, as is each act, word, thought, and feeling."

Peace is a universal human ideal. It is one of the few positive symbols that have meaning for the whole of humanity. Every major system of faith and belief, whether religious or secular in nature, has in some way or another promised peace as an outcome of the implementation of its precepts. This means that everyone has a vested interest in making peace count.

The challenge of peace as a virtue presents itself in the question, "Are human beings by nature violent or nonviolent?" If the answer is violent, then the concept of peace becomes nonexistent. While the answer is of course nonviolent, peace has become so elusive that people have begun to question its existence.

Achieving peace does not mean that we will automatically find ourselves in a place that is absent of noise, trouble, or hard work. To be at peace means to be in the midst of all those things and still be cool, calm, and collected in heart, mind, and spirit. Thus, peace is more precious than diamonds, rubies, or pearls.

Peace and understanding can only come about as the result of personal responsibility and awareness. Violence begets violence, toughness begets toughness, love begets love, and peace begets peace. Peace begins with a simple choice.

Lasting world peace is not likely to be initiated politically; it will begin first in the hearts and minds of each of us. Lasting peace can come only to peaceful ...

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