Chapter 2. Excel Tasks

This chapter gives you quick answers about how to perform common and essential tasks in Excel. You’ll find information on tasks that are new to you, and you’ll save time on tasks you already know. The tasks are divided into the following categories:

  • Working with files

  • Printing

  • Moving around in a workbook or worksheet

  • Manipulating workbooks and worksheets

  • Manipulating rows, columns, and cells

  • Entering and editing data

  • Formatting cells

  • Working with hyperlinks

  • Working with headers and footers

  • Summarizing data

  • Using named ranges

  • Defining alternative data sets

  • Controlling how data is displayed

  • Protecting all or part of a workbook

  • Spelling and other tools

  • Customizing Excel

  • Collaborating

  • Working with the Web

  • Summarizing data with charts

  • Analyzing data with PivotTables and PivotCharts

Working with Files

Use the following answers to help you create, find, save, preview, and set the properties of Excel files.

How do I…

Create a new workbook without starting Excel?

Right-click any blank space in a folder or desktop and select New → Microsoft Excel Worksheet.

Create a new workbook within Excel?

Press Ctrl-N or click Office Button → New, then double-click Blank Workbook under the “Blank and Recent” section.

Create a workbook from a template?

Click Office Button → New; in the Templates pane, click the category of template you want to display, and then double-click the template on which you want to base your workbook.

Open a workbook?

Click Office Button → Open or press Ctrl-O; navigate to the file you ...

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