Chapter 8. Using and Creating Templates


Understanding Excel templates

Working with the default templates

Creating custom templates

A template is essentially a model that serves as the basis for something else. An Excel template is a workbook that's used to create other workbooks. This chapter discusses some of the templates included with Excel and also describes how to create your own template files. Creating a template takes some time, but in the long run, doing so may save you a lot of work.

8.1. Exploring Excel Templates

The best way to become familiar with Excel template files is to jump in and try a few. Excel 2010 gives you quick access to hundreds of template files.

8.1.1. Viewing templates

To explore the Excel templates, choose File New to display the Available Templates screen in Backstage View. You can select a template stored on your hard drive, or a template from Microsoft Office Online. If you choose a template from Microsoft Office Online, you must be connected to the Internet to download it.

The Office Online Templates section contains a number of icons, which represent various categories of templates (see Figure 8.1). Click an icon, and you'll see the available templates. When you select a template thumbnail, you see a preview in the right panel.

Figure 8.1. The New page in Backstage View displays template categories.


Microsoft Office Online ...

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